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Beginning Friday Sept. 1, anyone caught distracted while driving could be paying a fine.
The state’s new law that makes it illegal to text, use social media or surf the web on a handheld device while behind the wheel was effected on September 1.
Under the new law, drivers can still use GPS or music apps but can't send, read or write any electronic messages while driving.

Important Dates

+ Sun, Sep 10:   GL - VN Classes & TNTT Sinh hoạt Resume
   All-School Parent Meeting / Họp Phụ Huynh (9am-10:15am  OR 1:45pm – 3pm) at school Auditorium

+ Sun, Sep 10:  Last day to withdraw & receive full refund /
                          Chúa nhật cuối cùng để withdraw và nhận “full refund”

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