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First Day of School Tips for Teachers

  • Greet Your Students. Explain KGD classroom rules, schedules and expectations, but making sure children feel comfortable and safe as they reenter in-person learning is also important.
  • Introductions. Provide a seating chart, so children know where they should be, and explain the classroom and how each area is used. Helping students get to know each other” may also be helpful.
  • Teach Procedures. Post the schedule prominently and explain it. Providing basic information about how teaching will unfold and what they will be doing can help reduce anxiety
  • Question-and-answer time is always an important feature on the first day of school. Try to promote a more natural verbal volley than was possible in a virtual setting and to promote the spontaneous connections and relationships that come with in-person learning. A good discussion sparked by student curiosity will start the year off right