KGD Information:

All GL, VN, and TNTT activities have been cancelled on Sun, Mar 22 & Sun, Mar 29 and maybe many more weeks by request of Bishop Burns. Please check parish website for updates.

As of now:

a. Ephata Confirmation retreat is canceled. To Be Decided if we shall organize the retreat as one-day/one-night OR one-day only retreat.
b. Second Reconciliation Retreat (scheduled on Sat, Apr 04) is canceled.
c. CPM Session 6 classes (scheduled on Sat, Apr 18 & Sat, Apr 25) is canceled.
d. Rite of Confirmation: To Be Decided on how it will be administered.
e. First Holy Communions: To Be Decided on how it will be administered.


Vietnamese: Available at 10am every day.

Families in Need of Emergency Supplies

Cha Hải also wants everyone to know that if you know any families that are needing any kind of supplies, to reach out to the parish. Please call 972-414-7073.


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