Safe Environment

Our diocesan policies, ethics and integrity in ministry, are rooted in the Catholic understanding that each individual must be respected and honored. Jesus had a deep, abiding respect for each human being and would not harm or mislead anyone in his or her personal or spiritual life. We, the church, must do likewise. Our policies cover four areas of possible harm: immoral conduct, exploitation, harassment, and abuse. Volunteers at Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Garland who work with minors and Education School, must successfully complete the Safe Environment approval process before he or she may do so. As Mother of Perpetual Help Parish values safety, we have a gradual process for all parish volunteers so that starting at the age of 15, one is introduced to the safety training process and its values. This process is mandated and strictly enforced by the Catholic Diocese of Dallas; it consists of the following steps:

New Volunteers

Screening Process:

  1. Complete fill out the volunteer form of KGD.  KGD will call you to work on the next step
  2. Complete a Diocese of Dallas SEP Screening Form, in which you will be asked to provide:
    • Personal data
    • Three Personal reference information (Please provide email addresses if possible, as this will expedite the process)
    • Permission for us to conduct a personal Criminal Background Check (CBC)..
  3. Attend the initial Safe Environment training session,  

This process enables us to include you as a participant in the Safe Environment Program. The Screening Form collects certain information used to determine your identity and history. 

Important notes during fill out Screening Form on the internet

  • Location Info: Be sure select the right location. Our location is: Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Garland

Click here to complete the Screening Form Please be sure to the ministry you will participate in. If you have been previously screened by another location in the Diocese of Dallas, simply contact the Safety Director where you were screened and request that they add Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Garland to your records. If all information is current, you will then be cleared to volunteer at Mother of Perpetual Help Parish.


Attend initial training in the form of the Family of Faith training class (a face-to-face class). Classes are offered at Mother of Perpetual Help Parish as need arises. You may find class schedules for all locations in the Diocese by visiting: Choose the class that is most convenient for you, and complete the online registration. When you attend the class, you will usually receive a certificate of completion.  If you do not get a certificate, please email MPHP Director and let him know which class you attended and he will check the online database for your class attendance.


Please click on the links below and read the necessary guidelines:

  1. Policy on Sexual Misconduct 
  2. Diocesan Safe Environment Program Document:

Upon completing the required Guidelines reading:

  1. Click here to read and print the Acknowledgement  form
  2. Complete the form and return it to the Church Office.

Personal Interview:

All participants are required to take part in a personal interview process. Click here for the Personal Interview form.  Print out the form, complete it and forward it to the Church Office.  All interview forms will be reviewed by the MPHP Director.


When you have successfully completed all requirements of the Safe Environment Program, you will receive a confirmation email informing you of your clearance. We truly appreciate all who are willing to volunteer, but you may NOT serve in any capacity at Mother of Perpetual Help Parish Catholic School/Parish until all requirements have been met.  It is important to note that once you are cleared to volunteer, you must update your training annually by simply taking an online renewal class. 

*NOTE: If you are unable to use the internet, call 972-414-7073. You will be provided with manual forms to fill out.